ISO 9001:2008 ISO14001:2004

About HiQ

HiQ is a subsidiary company of the Allbest Furniture group that specialized in education furniture, starting its operation since 1998, today HiQ actively supplies through its 300 distributors in its domestic China and worldwide markets, and also provides direct service to more than 400 schools and academies in China;from its three factories located respectively in Jiading Dist. Of Shanghai , Jiaxing of Zhejiang province, and Dongguan of Guangdong Province.

HiQ’s product portfolio covers ranges of:
1. Classroom Chairs and Desk;
2. Library and Public Area;
3. School Faculty and Administration
4. Pre-School, and,
5. Dormitory and Other Furniture
That altogether fulfills all aspects needs of students’ and teachers’ daily lives, in and extra curriculum.

Happy, Intelligent, and Quintessential space for learning, that is what we aim to achieve through the furniture we design and produce. Our thinking and product concept is simple: You have only one childhood and school life should be happy! Through quality school environment pupils will be inspired to quest for higher and more.

Our factory’s production lines embody this spirit: environmentally friendly wood and metal is cut and bended by numerically controlled machinery, welded together by robots, challenged and proven through a long series of reliability and fatigue tests in our well-equipped QC Lab, in our academy like factories run by 500 well learned and diligent staff members that are accredited by ISO9001, QS14001, ISO3834, and EN15085. And, all HiQ products are BIFMA conformed.

In our continuous pursuit for higher standards, we cooperate with world renowned designers like Lucci and Orlandini of Italy to incorporate their avant-garde design concept. We also establish strong strategic alliance and partnership with industry leaders like Itoki Corporation of Japan. Innovation is our daily routine, quality is constant quest, and higher customer satisfaction is our commitment always.